Social Impact

  • Recently we had a four guest panel to have some Real Talk on Sex work with our special guests Jasmine, Auntie Vice (Rebecca Blanton), Cathy Reisenwitz, and Kathryn.
  • Recently we had some Real Talk on Fighting for Peace with Shadybee. Shadybee is an Arabic Drag Queen from the Middle East. In 2021 Shadybee decided to become a drag queen
  • This week we will be having some Real Talk on Sparking your Life with Cannabis with Cannabis Lifestyle expert and creator of The MariJayne Maven
  • Recently we had some Real Talk on Discovering Bondage with Pro Domme, Elise Graves. Elise has been a performer in BDSM porn for 15 years
  • n spirit of Leather Pride month and Folsom Street Fair, leather workers Seven and Dani of Sabersmyth were featured guests on Nika Cherrelle’s podcast: Real Talk on Sex.
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